Letter From the Publisher: Meditation is for Everyone

Posted by Insight Directory on 26 November 2018 in Latest Articles


So, you’ve heard that meditation has many benefits, and a lot of people are doing it. However, you research how to meditate online and discover that it seems like a bunch of religious or new age mumbo jumbo and you’re just not sure it is for you. You find that there are many different forms of meditation and Yoga, and some conflicting information. You wonder which way is best for you or if it’s for you at all.

Before you throw in the towel, you may want to consider that despite its long history as a religious practice, meditation does not have to be religious in nature. The beauty of meditation is that it is a deeply personal experience that research is proving to have undeniable benefits for mental and physical well-being.

For example, according to MIT neuroscientist Christopher Moore and Harvard medical school instructor Catherine Kerr, consistent meditation improves your ability to focus on specific body areas for pain management. Distractions become more manageable. In May 2011, the Brain Research Bulletin published their findings. People trained to meditate over an eight week period developed the ability to control brain waves called alpha rhythms. These alpha waves flow through the brain to suppress irrelevant or distracting sensory information. This study suggested that individuals could better manage chronic pain by reducing any attention placed on a painful area and redirecting it.

Furthermore, the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) continues to explore the exact nature of the mind-body-spirit interaction that meditation cultivates. The NCCAM currently is researching how meditation affects the involuntary nervous system. Meditation potentially impacts such functions as sweating, breathing, digestion, and heartbeat rhythm. Stress reduction, insomnia, psychological balance, physical relaxation, and pain management are some benefits of meditation available to all.

A growing body of research is discovering many benefits of meditation. Inside this edition of Insight Heathy Living the feature article (Meditation- Neuroscience Shows How It Can Change Your Life for the Better) explores the science behind meditation and what is going on in the brain and body that makes it so beneficial to over-all well-being and discusses the many ways it is being used today.

The research shows that meditation is for everyone. By applying the principles of meditation, overall health can potentially be improved. The mind-body-spirit connection that meditation strengthens will enable you to handle the distractions of daily life, focus, relax and be more resilient.

Additionally, be sure to check out, 10 Ways to Improve Your Focus on page 28, which offers helpful tips on how to meditate and have more clarity. You can also find links to free guided mediations embedded in the online version of the article at InsightDirectory.com.

As always, the directory portion of Insight Healthy Living is at the heart of the Magazine as a resource and guide to find local practitioners, services, events, retreats, and products for you and your family’s physical, mental, and spiritual health.

I wish for you and our planet a healthy

and stress-free fall/winter season!

Rob Breeze Publisher– Insight Healthy Living Magazine

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