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Posted by Insight Directory on 25 March 2015 in Alternative/Integrative Medicine
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A rebirth of centuries old holistic practices has been harnessed into one device for the first time ever.  This product is the result of 8 years and 1,300 donations to service members and veterans worldwide. From combat soldiers in Afghanistan to service members recovering at Walter Reed, feedback from veterans and civilians alike shows that this product helps to relieve facial muscle tension issues including Bruxism, TMD and headaches.  Developed by an Army veteran who sought to remedy his own headache and facial muscle tension symptoms, the device delivers a combination of temple and facial massaging, acupressure and lavender aromatherapy all in one hand.  This new innovative device is the Meisch Temple Massager.  During feedback discussions with Dr. Abramson of the Stanford University Mindfulness Based Stress Clinic, it was noted that “the product is acting as a drug free distractor with the acupressure and aromatherapy, the massaging could be triggering the relaxation response which is defined as a stimulation that decreases production of adrenaline with an increase in the brain’s production of dopamine and endorphins.”  Further meetings with Dominican University’s Dr. Wang and Dr. Beldona yielded affirmation of these findings to concur with Dr. Abramson.  Since launching a civilian version of the Temple Massager 2.0 in November 2014, multiple accounts of headache relief have been continuously reported.  The company is currently corresponding with several universities regarding initial studies of this device as a headache relief tool.


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