Making More Love by Lisa Schrader

Posted by Insight Directory on 18 September 2008 in Sexology

Isn’t it delightful when something that feels good is also good for you? A recent issue of Time Magazine focuses on good news: how your love life keeps you healthy. Time reports, “Studies are showing that arousal and an active sex life may lead to a longer life, better heart health, an improved ability to ward off pain, a more robust immune system and even protection against certain cancers not to mention lower rates of depression.”

But most of us aren’t rushing into each others arms for cardiovascular health. We come together in love making for connection, intimacy, fun, and a myriad of other complex needs and desires. One thing is certain, we are born sexual beings and we require touch and tenderness in order to thrive. But what confusing messages we receive about this natural and healthy part ourselves. We live in a culture both obsessed with sex and negative about its expression. Where do we go for guidance?

My husband and I turned to the ancient practice of Tantric Sexuality.
We’ve been partners for over 17 years now. Although our lovemaking was always good, we knew it could be great. We intuitively knew that there was something more. In the past, our communication about sexuality often led to conflict. We would fall into old patterns of blaming and making each other wrong for what wasn’t working. The impact on us was frustration, sadness, and feeling separate, stuck, and resigned.

Our study of Tantric sexual and energy practices slowly began to transform our relationship. We learned how to see lovemaking not as an event with a race to a climatic finish line, but as a process of being present to ever-expanding states of feeling and ecstasy. We learned to express appreciation, open our hearts, and see the Divinity that resides in each other. We now offer workshops to share what we’ve learned with others.

Tantra was born in India 7,000 years ago as a rebellion against the moralistic codes of the Hindu religion. Although in the West, Tantra has been associated almost exclusively with sexuality, true Tantra is a spiritual path and sexuality is but a small part of the whole. The ultimate goal of Tantra is love. The body and sexuality are vehicles for enlightenment instead of being seen as something to be denied and suppressed. Tantra embraces all and rejects nothing. It reminds us that we are already whole and complete; the energy and ecstasy in our body are sacred and Divine.

There is a wave of conscious change moving through our world. We are learning to better honor the earth and embrace the feminine qualities of heart, compassion, and cooperation. Tantra gives us tools for creating transformation where it matters most: in our own lives and families.

Lisa Schrader and Rick Schlussel recently appeared on the “Oprah Winfrey Show” and teach Sacred Sexuality workshops nationwide. For more information, please visit their website at

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