Suzanne Gorham, MA, Certified Magi Counselor
Nevada City in person, by Skype, or phone

Suzanne uses Destiny Cards, an ancient system of divination that combines Astrology, Numerology, and the traditional 52 card deck. An hour long reading can help you take charge of your destiny and address your most pressing questions. A comprehensive report and recording are included.


Nevada City, CA 

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Soul Readings with Nanci Shanderá Ph.D., Transformational Teacher-Psychologist, Author, EarthSpirit Center for the Transformational Arts

The Soul Readings I offer differ from typical “psychic" readings in that I don’t communicate with the deceased, nor do I offer  predictions. Rather, I use various intuitive tools such as visionary imagery to deepen understanding of what your Soul is communicating to you to fulfill its evolvement and your purpose in this lifetime. Women and couples learn to integrate and honor all life experiences as essential to authentic growth. (Read more on my website.)


Nevada City, CA  95959

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