Elizabeth Byszeski, CHom Classical Homeopathy, Intuitive Healing, Nutrition
Spiritual Response Therapy, Intuitive Healing, Homeopathy

Homeopathy has a successful history of creating and restoring physical, mental and emotional health. Chronic and acute. Intuitive Healing sees within to find and clear blocks, negative energies, old patterns, past life imprints and more for individuals, homes, businesses, relationships.   Local and long-distance




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Susan Schimmel, DHom Classical Homeopathy
Diplomate of Classical Homeopathy

Classical Homeopathy successfully reverses disease processes by restoring immune function. Offering acute and chronic care through constitutional strengthening. Discover this 200-year proven medicine for you, and your pets and plants. Let the everyday miracles of homeopathy work for you! 


Grass Valley, CA 

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