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Darlene J Weiss
Living Waters Colon Hydrotherapy, Nutrition, Functional Medicine

With the gravity fed, FDA Class II registered LIBBE device, toxins may be removed from the large intestine without chemicals or drugs, & in a highly dignified way. Living Waters is set in a comfortable, quiet space & offers individualized cleanses & programs to transform your gut, your health & your life. Weekend and evening appointments upon request. Please call with any questions. I-ACT Certified. Bringing peace of mind to gut health since 2001.


Grass Valley, CA  95945

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Kathi Kimmel, Integrated Ayurveda
Holistic Health and Wellness Coach

Find the motivation and get the tools to reach your physical and emotional best. Regain balance with the stress relieving programs from the Institute of HeartMath which can facilitate rapid, profound, and enduring improvements in a wide variety of health conditions. And by using the science of Ayurveda we improve one’s diet, create healthy lifestyle choices, exercise, and with the management of stress, one can feel healthier, grounded, and connected to life.


Grass Valley, CA  95945

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