The Inca Prophecies of Hope and Revelation by Alberto Villolodo, PhD

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 Etched in the collective memories of the Inca shamans are 12 prophecies and revelations that detail the coming of the end of time and the arising of a new human species.  They predict a time of great upheavals in the hearts of men, and ensuing chaos in the world, leading to the dawn of a golden era.

These prophecies have been closely guarded by a group of Incas that escaped to 17,000 foot high mountain peaks to avoid the iron fist of the church and the conquest.  They have had no contact - not even with other Indians - for nearly five hundred years.  They have been the keepers of a secret about our destiny and future evolution that has been handed down from shaman master to student for a thousand generations.

This secret has been kept by the poorest Indians in the America's, medicine men and women who live on the frozen potatoes and tiny corn that grows above the tree-line.  Yet they are the noblest and most exalted peoples of the Andes, keepers of ancient traditions and timeless ritual objects sacred to their people even today.

The secret they have been keeping follows from a mastery of invisibility and of time.  These last Incas, 600 of them in all, have lived invisible to progress, church, and state for half a millennia.  They understand that time not only flies like an arrow, but that it also turns, like a wheel.  The later, known as sacred time, was non-linear, non-causal.  In sacred time one could influence the past and summon destiny from the future. 

For five hundred years these Incas waited, keeping their knowledge of a time to come secret, even from themselves, recognizing that until the moment was right it was not the secret that was important, but how they held and served it, for it took great skill to not allow their knowledge of what was to come to spoil their actions or their intent.

The Q'ero, as these last Incas are known, believe that they have been the keepers of a set of keys that will unlock doors important to our collective destinies.  They believe the time is now.  In June of 1995 they begin the last of a cycle of ceremonies done once every 500 years.  They will read the prophecies for the last time.  They will speak them to the Medicine peoples of the Andes, to the Hopi in the Southwest, and to large public gatherings in North America and Europe. 

The Incas have never had a written tradition, and their prophecies are not etched in stone or papyrus - they are preserved n the collective memories of their people, and in the sacred mountain of the Ausangate.  While every Inca shaman has access to the entire body of the prophecy, it requires a council of 12 to read them precisely.  Legend has it that each time the prophecy is read in its entirety, destiny is nudged, influenced in the act of reading it.

The prophecy has not been read in its entirety in 500 years.  What we have are the revelations handed down in the oral tradition over the last half millennium since the last reading.  Tradition has it that this will be the last reading.  It will take place during the winter solstice June 21 at the Snow Star, the high-temple at Mt. Ausangate. 

The prophecies tell of the end of time.  Not the end of history - they speak about the beginning of a millennium of peace, of an era of gold - the end of ordinary time.  They speak of the return of Pachacuti, the great Inca who built Machu Picchu and other Inca cities in the clouds.  Pachacuti is the one who made time stand still - Pacha means earth or time; Cuti means to step beyond.  The prophecies announce the end of causal, ordinary time, where we live in the grip of 'karma' , of psychological trauma from our childhood's, of the nightmare of our violent past and of history.  They tell of stepping into sacred time, where we define ourselves not in terms of who we have been but of who we are becoming.  They speak of evolution taking quantum leaps, of the body never dying, of reshaping ourselves into a new species within our lifetimes.

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